Voce’s “Growing Audiences” Initiative

Voce and its Artistic Director Mark Singleton are committed to serving harmony – and bringing Voce’s exquisitely beautiful sound to New England and around the world.  We are equally committed to teaching the importance of harmony to aspiring musicians of all ages, with a focus on singers in school choirs.  The world needs harmony, and Voce is uniquely positioned not only to provide it, but to grow it.  Here’s what we have to do to succeed with our “Growing Audiences” Initiative:

·         Formalize our educational programming:  Voce is launching a formal educational program for high school musicians in the spring of 2019, leveraging the skills of the many music educators who perform with Voce.  We’re going to bring students and Voce singers together for a day of workshops, coaching and collaboration, culminating with a joint performance at Voce’s May 11, 2019 concert.  Based on our success with this program, Voce will pursue additional educational initiatives, such as the creation of a Choral Arts Festival.

·         Expand our season and add new venues:  Voce is blessed to share its music with an ever-growing number of people in the Greater Hartford area.  It’s time for Voce to establish regular venues elsewhere in Connecticut and throughout New England.  Our first goal is to add venues in southern Connecticut.

·         Continue our recording initiative with the help of Signum Records:  Voce’s most recent recording “Music of the Spheres” is playing on every continent and in over 50 countries, joining “Sure on this Shining Night: The Music of Morten Lauridsen” as one of the finest choral recordings available.  Voce is unique among Connecticut classical ensembles in both the scope and success of its recordings.  In 2019, Voce will partner with Signum Records to launch its most recent recording, “Blessing: The Music of Paul Mealor.”  Mealor’s compositions are perfectly suited to Voce’s sound and its commitment to harmony.

In addition to these initiatives, Voce is dedicated to improving its communications with the wonderful people who come to our concerts, listen to our recordings and give meaning to all that Voce does.  Keep an eye out for improvements to our website, information about the Voce performers, season subscriptions and other steps to bring Voce and its audience closer together.

Voce has no paid administrators.  It is run by volunteers and a Board of Directors who are deeply committed to its mission of serving harmony.  Accordingly, your donation will go straight to the music Voce makes, both live and recorded.  Donation levels are suggested below.  And if you can’t afford to make a donation, just bring a friend or two to Voce’s next concert - hearing is believing.

On behalf of Voce, its singers and its Board of Directors, thank you for your support.

Recommended Donation Levels, Recognition and Participation

Supporters for Voce’s “Growing Audiences” Initiative will be recognized in Voce’s 2018 - 2019 programs as “Growing Audience Initiative Sponsors” at the recommended donation levels below.

 “Growing Audiences” Initiative Underwriter - $10,000 and above

“Growing Audiences” Initiative Sustaining Sponsor - $5,000 and above

“Growing Audiences” Initiative Project Sponsor - $2,500 and above

“Growing Audiences” Initiative Project Supporter - $1,000 and above

“Growing Audiences” Initiative Donor - $500 and above

“Growing Audiences” Initiative Contributor - $250 and above

Gifts of any size will be gratefully accepted and recognized in our programs.

How to Contribute

Click on the button below to make your contribution. 

Alternatively, contributions may be sent to Voce Inc., Attn: Thomas Cooke, President, 2 Poggy Bay Lane, Mystic, CT 06355.

Voce, Inc. is a not-for-profit tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and your gift is fully deductible under section 170 of the Code.

More about Voce

As Voce enters its second decade of performance, its music is better than ever.  Voce’s commitment to harmony has caught the attention of some of the world’s greatest living choral composers, including National Medal of Arts Recipient Morten Lauridsen, Ola Gjeilo, Ēriks Ešenvalds and Paul Mealor.  After working with Voce, these composers offered high praise for Voce and its Artistic Director, Mark Singleton:

·         Paul Mealor described Voce as “one of the finest choirs on the planet” with “a warmth of tone and beauty that is unique.”

·          Ēriks Ešenvalds described Artistic Director Mark Singleton as “a very sensitive and smart conductor – he finds hidden beauties in the scores that most conductors would never know existed.”

·         Morten Lauridsen praised Singleton’s work as “exemplifying choral performance at its finest.”

Voce’s sound is a direct result of Mark Singleton’s uncompromising commitment to the service of harmony.  Singleton challenges each singer in the ensemble to “serve harmony, evoke its spirit and free yourself of discord. Dedicate yourself to your ensemble, your section and your neighbor. Be the embodiment of cooperation. Listen, connect and fulfill your duty to the music, the team and all those who hear you. Such is the substance of greatness – such is the foundation of harmony.”

Voce’s music is built on this creed, which begins every Voce rehearsal and resonates throughout every performance. The result is a uniquely welcoming experience for singers and audience members alike.  Through harmony, our differences can be used to make music more beautiful and inclusive than anything we can do on our own.

Voce’s reputation is growing worldwide.  Its recordings are being heard by an ever-increasing global audience, and Voce is making all of this happen right here in New England and New York:  in addition to performing concerts throughout Connecticut, Voce has performed in Boston and Providence and made its New York debut at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in Manhattan in 2017.

Under the management of Voce’s Board of Directors, Voce has sustained its commitment to fiscal responsibility with a track record of year over year positive financial performance.  Voce’s management is volunteer-based, ensuring that donations and ticket proceeds support the musicians who are Voce’s heart and soul.

Voce shares its mission with the next generation of singers, regularly performing with collegiate and high school choirs and providing them with an opportunity to work with and hear one of the nation’s premiere choirs. 

Voce is a New England-based musical treasure – one of only a few regional organizations with an international audience for its recordings. Your support for Voce’s “Growing Audiences” Initiative will enable Voce and Mark Singleton to bring Voce’s music and its message of harmony to an ever-widening audience and will help Voce to build an enduring future for choral music in New England and beyond.